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Valentina Shevchenko has suffered losses to just one fighter in her UFC career – Amanda Nunes. The two first met at UFC 196, where ‘The Lioness’ won via unanimous decision. The rematch took place next year at UFC 215, where Nunes emerged victorious again in a narrow split decision.

Amanda Nunes vs. Valentina Shevchenko 2 was razor close.Here’s the ๐ŸŒŽ Scorecard data from the rematch three years ago today.

During her recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, the UFC commentator asked Valentina Shevchenko about the most difficult part about of Amanda Nunes inside the octagon.

Shevchenko stated that it is Amanda Nunes’ size more than her fighting style that poses a problem for her opponents. When Joe Rogan added that Nunes’ power might be a factor too, Shevchenko said that every competitor in the women’s bantamweight division has power:

“Everyone has power. If you’re speaking about 135 weight class, everyone has a lot of power. Amanda is just like bigger than anyone. What’s her walking weight? 160-170?”

Valentina Shevchenko explained that while it is possible for any fighter to knock their opponent out inside the octagon, size plays a big role.

Valentina Shevchenko on a possible move down to strawweight

Valentina Shevchenko has been ruling the UFC women’s flyweight division for almost three years now. She has six title defenses under her belt and her dominance in the division is undisputed.

A trilogy fight with Amanda Nunes where she will possibly go up and challenge ‘The Lioness’ at bantamweight is certainly lurking on the horizon for Shevchenko. However, a move down to strawweight is off the table for ‘Bullet’.

When Joe Rogan asked if she has ever considered going down to 115 lbs, Valentina Shevchenko laughed it off. The flyweight queen was also asked if she would put on muscle and get bigger if she got months to prepare before a superfight with Amanda Nunes:

“I’m not gonna do anything special to lift up my weight. I don’t believe it’s gonna help. I believe it’s gonna be worse for the fighter, because if in your whole life, you were of certain body type, you know how to carry certain amount of muscle. And then suddenly for last 2-3 months, you start to carry way more. So, what’s gonna happen? You’re gonna be slower. You’re not gonna have resistance for the whole fight because you have to carry more weight on top of you. I will just do the same. I will do the last day weight cut, what I do for 125lbs. I’m not gonna lose 6 pounds… I’ll just eat normally and train the same way as I do,” Valentina Shevchenko explained.

Watch the segment below:

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