NBC News finds gentlest way possible to say Donald Trump will try to steal 2024 election

Information about NBC News finds gentlest way possible to say Donald Trump will try to steal 2024 election

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Laser-focused on 2020, Trump seeks a Michigan Legislature that could help him in 2024

Okay, sure. Now try: “Trump corruptly intends to install vassal legislators to do his bidding and shiv our democracy in 2024.” Because that’s the freaking story:

Trump has backed seven candidates for state House or Senate seats in Michigan, an electoral battleground that he lost narrowly to Joe Biden last year — more than anywhere else. Most of the endorsements … were announced in recent weeks. All of the candidates have one thing in common: They’ve made election administration and investigating last year’s vote central to their platforms.

It seems clear that if Trump runs in 2024, his strategy will be two-pronged: 1) Try to win legitimately or, failing that, 2) threaten and wheedle people in charge of election administration across the country to nullify the election. And I really doubt he’s going to focus all that much on No. 1.

How do I know this is his strategy? Because he already fucking tried it, you gormless, semi-cognizant flesh-bots. And he won’t shut up about it:

Trump’s focus on the state illuminates just how driven he is to exact revenge on those who haven’t supported his baseless claim that the last election was stolen from him. It’s also a play to install allies who could be helpful should he run for president again in 2024 and find himself locked in another close race. The Republican-controlled Legislature spent eight months investigating the results of the 2020 presidential election and found no reason to doubt their legitimacy. GOP leaders have also refused to accede to Trump’s demands for a ballot review like the one Republicans authorized in Arizona, which found no proof of fraud and concluded that Biden defeated Trump in the state by even more votes than the certified tally showed.

“Michigan needs a new legislature,” Trump wrote in his Nov. 15 endorsement of Rachelle Smit for state representative. “The cowards there now are too spineless to investigate Election Fraud.”

We have a likely 2024 Republican nominee who is actively arming the ramparts to oppose U.S. democracy. The press has traditionally been one of the most important bulwarks against tyranny in this country, but they’re failing this test big-league. If Godzilla pokes his head out of the ocean and starts stomping on Orange Juliuses, you don’t run a headline that reads, “Enormous radioactive reptile goes long on Jamba Juice stock.”


I know Donald Trump’s attempts to destroy democracy are, yes, banal at this point, but that doesn’t make them any less evil. We should be alarmed. No, scratch that. We should be fucking panicked. But because the mainstream media wants to be “fair,” it seems determined not to point out the clear villain—and the villainous shit he consistently tries to get away with.

If you let Hannibal Lecter out of his cage, he will eat your face. Just because everyone knows this doesn’t mean you should underplay the danger. And you sure as shit shouldn’t let him write restaurant reviews after he’s done flossing. (Right, Wall Street Journal?)

Wake the fuck up, media. This isn’t a horse race anymore. I’ve never seen a Kentucky Derby where one of the owners placed snipers at various points along the track to take out the competing horses. This is a slow-moving coup, plain and simple.

Good God, do your freaking jobs.

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