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Despite not arriving until 2022, there’s plenty of excitement to have for Minecraft‘s 1.19 update, also known as The Wild Update.

While there isn’t much information available on the upcoming update, Minecraft players are clamoring to find out all they can. Alongside inclusions such as mangrove swamps and the deep dark biome, even some minor details have been added. This includes the implementation of mud blocks and a renewable source of clay.

Mud has featured in media shared by Mojang, both in its base form and in the capacity of mud bricks and structures made from them.

Minecraft: Mud in The Wild Update

Mud bricks will be the newest type of brick building blocks joining the likes of clay, stone, and Nether bricks (Image via Mojang)
Mud bricks will be the newest type of brick building blocks joining the likes of clay, stone, and Nether bricks (Image via Mojang)

Though there isn’t much information on mud blocks specifically yet, a few tidbits are to be had. Mud will spawn naturally as expected, particularly within swamp biomes, and is renewable, providing players with ample supply to suit their needs.

Players can also allegedly add water from a water bottle to standard dirt blocks to create mud themselves. The aforementioned renewable source of clay can also be used by placing mud blocks above dripstone blocks, which will strain the water mud into a source of clay.

Since dripstone has already served as a funneling device in the current builds of Minecraft, this seems to be a logical next step.

You can actually play in the mud without being told off! You’ll find mud blocks in swamp biomes, but why not make your own, just add water to dirt!Mud has other uses too; let it drip dry to make clay, or add sand and wheat into the mix to craft clay bricks!

Mud brick blocks are also available to players, joining a roster of brick-based building blocks alongside stone, clay, and Nether brick blocks. They will likely be formed from mud blocks themselves and provide another means for players to diversify their structures and create new possibilities for decoration.

Mud bricks will likely fit in nicely alongside other earthy block types, allowing Minecraft players to create structures such as mud huts or other creations shaped from the ground itself.

Ancient civilizations in the real world used cemented mud to form buildings, and the creativity of Minecraft players can likely do the same and more.

Minecraft’s community is well-known for using any and all available blocks to build some truly head-spinning buildings and monuments, and there’s no doubt that mud and mud bricks will enhance players’ capabilities even further.

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